Personal Hair Design


New schedule from Nov 2020 


Mon      10:00 ~ 8:00

Wed      10:00 ~ 8:00

 Fri       10:00 ~ 8:00


Tues       10:00 ~ 8:00

Thur       10:00 ~ 8:00

Sat         10:00 ~ 8:00

~ Schedule alternates every other week ~

I'm very excited to announce from Nov 2nd,

I will be working in a new suite # 13 at Salons by JC

Tailor your personal style



            Creative color


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at Salons by JC
124W 24th St. suite 13
NY NY 10010


    Personal Hair Design is located at Salons by JC's,

    that offers private suite for individual beauty businesses that provides

      fully compliance with the CDC public health guidelines common spaces. 

    Face Mask are required to enter the salon suite and all common areas.

    The suites is single client service operation and no more than 2 person are

    allowed within the suite.  To provides clean and safe environment for clients,

    all surfaces will be sanitized between client and disposable face mask

    and eye shield are available for clients.