Personal Hair Design

at Salons by JC
124W 24th St. suite 16
NY NY 10010

Dear PersonalHairDesign community,


Thank you for your patient and support through the pandemic.

As of June 8th Phrase 1 reopening has begone, and we are excited

that Phrase 2 reopening date should be announce very soon.

  we are all anticipating to reopen our doors to our clients.  I will send out notifications as soon as the re-opening date is release.


Salons by JC's offers private suite for individual salon operation.  PersonalHairDesign is an one-on-one service operation, which will provide clean and safe environment to protect clients from the COVID-19 virus.  The room will be cleaned between each service

and mask and face shield will be provided for you and I will also be wearing protection gears to service my clients.  The common areas within the salon will also be manually sanitize through out the

operating hours for prevention. 

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.

Thank you for your support, I am looking forwards to serve you again soon.

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Appointments are open for advance booking from July 1st.

will be subject to reschedule according to reopening date.